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Principal El Koubi

Photo of Allison El Koubi, principal of Westover Hills Elementary School

Principal's Message

Welcome to Westover Hills Elementary School, home of the Eager Beaver Leaders!

At WHES, we are committed to creating, developing, and sustaining a welcoming community of passionate learners and caring leaders. We believe in the power of our teachers, students, and their families dreaming big about what will be #MissionPossible this year. We continue to be focused on nurturing and developing the whole person: 

  • taking care of emotional & mental health

  • supporting academic achievement & growth

  • practicing physical well-being

  • becoming life-long readers

  • encouraging artistic expression

  • building strong relationships between and among children and adults 

  • providing authentic leadership opportunities

Without doubt, last year was an extremely challenging year. However, we are so proud that our WHES community didn’t just survive the year of virtual instruction, but rather thrived! This happened because we were #StrongerTogether, both as a school team and with our collaboration with our students and their families, which have laid a strong foundation for our re-opening this fall. We are so excited to launch our #MissionPossible theme to ignite our students’ passion, curiosity, and tenacity to soar to new heights!

Our Beaver Boosters (PTA) will build on last year’s #StrongerTogther theme to reflect the stronger partnerships we built between school and home. We could not have done virtual instruction without the significant support of our students’ parents, grandparents, and other caregivers. On the other hand, our families gained a deeper appreciation and understanding for the incredible work that our teachers and staff do every day with their children. #TogetherWeRise will be a rallying cry for all stakeholders in our school community with students, teachers, staff, parents, family members, and community partners all working together to prove what is #MissionPossible for our students every day!

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have. I can be reached at or 804.780-5002.  

 With great appreciation,

 Principal Allison El Koubi