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Art teacher, Mrs. Eagle-Thompson, and Camille, former WHES 5th grader, show off Camille's winning design in an art competitio


In the Art classroom, children will explore the world of Art.  As the Art teacher at WHES, I am the facilitator and guide, giving our students a chance to create and solve artistic problems and get out of their comfort zones. I help students gain the skills they need to communicate their ideas and make art that is meaningful to them. I try to challenge students to try new things and to achieve what they thought they couldn't. I incorporate cross-curricular experiences in the art room.  We work to build literacy skills through observing and talking about art, and by writing about students' own ideas and artwork. I look forward to exploring Art adventures with our students, and watching them grow as individuals and as Artists.


Former Westover Hills Elementary School 5th graders hold their trophy from the Dancing Classrooms competition.

Physical Education

Coach Galloway and Mrs. Harrison at the 2020 Family Fitness Night.